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Pixiq Pulls Down Carlos Miller’s Story of Officer Having Sex on Duty, Repost Here

[Editor's Note:  The right to record police is not only about deterring and documenting police violence. Transparency in government is an important check against government officials, including police, not doing their job when on-duty. A police department is as vulnerable as any other government agency to misspending the scarce resources of the people.

Carlos Miller posted on Facebook early this morning about how Pixiq pulled down his most recent story of an officer literally caught with his pants down. Carlos Miller's story and the video bring attention to how this well-paid official misspent his time on the job. The story and images have already appeared in a number of news outlets (KOB Albuquerque News, USA Today, The Huffington PostThe Sun, and others).

With the author's permission, Carlos Miller's story is reposted below in full, along with a video from the Albuquerque news station. Can I see why Pixiq pulled the story? Sure. I still think it was a moronic and myopic decision.]

Surveillance cameras are everywhere, which is why one New Mexico State police officer used poor judgment when he decided to have sex with a woman on the hood of a car in broad daylight.

The cop, who has not been identified, is in full uniform as he pounds away at the woman, who is spread eagle on the hood, legs wrapped around him and a pair of jeans dangling from her ankle.

A kitten appears to observing the couple as they get it on.

KOB-TV first reported the story more than a week ago after learning of the allegations, but it wasn’t until they filed a public records request with the sheriff’s office that they received the actual video.

And they were gracious enough to provide us with a still shot of the copulating couple.

State police have not commented, only saying the matter is under investigation, according to KOB-TV’s latest report.


KOB Albuquerque news report (may take a few moments to load):

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