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CopBlock.org: Nine Things That Happen When You Film Police Encounters

Fellow former Cato Intern Pete Voluntaryist Eyre at CopBlock.org posted a short, pointed lay perspective on encounters between police and the citizens who record them here. He includes links to a number of intense videos.

Because school is picking up, I can’t comment much on the scope of his post. I will say that it is a visceral example of several things. (After the jump.)

  1. People intuit that they have a right to document police conduct.
  2. People feel in their gut that police stopping people from making those recordings is totally illegitimate
  3. Neither police nor the citizens who record them understand the contours of the right in this new society.

That last one is the most troubling to me. I have asked both major police policy groups, PERF and IACP to consider developing model policies. Neither of them had any plans to do so, although PERF was more open to the idea. I may have to work up something–I propose some ideas in my forthcoming Note, but something more formal and tidy is in order.

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